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Monday, March 21, 2005

ABC News: Poll: No Role for Government in Schiavo Case

ABC News: Poll: No Role for Government in Schiavo Case

This is really an astonishing poll. You'll find that regardless of political affiliation or religious belief, people by and large think Congress has done the wrong thing and they also think that Terri Schiavo's artificial nutrition should be stopped.


Blogger Scott Arnold said...

You have helped sway me on the larger issue here Chris, but this is an obvious push poll by ABC designed to produce a desired result. This could be worded differently to show the public wants her kept alive and Congress involved.

The most glaring thing to me is the use of the term "life support". It may be that legally the feeding tube is defined that way, but for the average person that means a machine to keep the heart beating or lungs breathing, etc.

I would be interested in independent polling on this - and in my view ABC hardly qualifies.

3:50 PM

Blogger Scott Arnold said...

See this Zogby poll which underscores my above point...

12:32 PM

Blogger The Food-Guy said...

I presume you mean your point about push polls. The way the questions in each poll were designed they were going to get those results regardless. I don't think there's been a good opinion poll done about this, and I'm not sure I think opinion polls on this sort of thing are really possible now that I've thought about it because abstracts on this sort of thing don't work. The details matter a lot.

Life News, the source of the article, is a conservative Christian organization...not any more balanced (probably less so) than ABC.

2:47 PM

Blogger Scott Arnold said...

Yes that is what I meant, the Zogby poll in my opinion pushes the other view. I agree with you that polls for this sort of thing are unreliable, and I also believe them to be inappropriate.

2:08 PM


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