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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Terri Schiavo's Unstudied Life

Not a brilliant article, but about the only attempt I've seen to really try to present Terri Schiavo as an actual person rather than a cause. What galls me more than anything about all of this, regardless of your point of view about it, is that almost every person involved or commenting on the situation talks about what they think or what they'd like to see happen...none of which matters a damn. This whole thing should be about what Terri Schiavo's wishes would be for herself. Period.

There's an actual person at the heart of this whole mess...its easy to forget it when trying to navigate the politics, figure out how to maximize the gains for the Republican or Democratic parties or sort through court decisions. Try to keep in mind...this is about a woman who had something bad happen. Its not about her parents, her husband, congress, the President, the Governor...its about her.


Blogger Andrew Shimmin said...

There wasn't, in any meaningful sense, a 'her' left to consider. She could not possibly care what was done to/for her, for the last fifteen years of her life. She wasn't capable of it. The only people left who had any claim to 'caring' how what was left of her was treated were her family members, be they ever so humble.

10:39 PM

Blogger The Food-Guy said...

I agree that from the moment her heart stopped and her brain was irreperably damaged that she had anything. But what this whole thing should have been about was the person she was before that and what she wanted/would have wanted. I don't know anything about her before she hit the I have nothing to offer as far as that goes. But, the fact that it got turned into anything other than carrying out what she'd have wanted is pathetic.

11:05 PM


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