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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Schiavo 'Is Failing,' Her Father Says (

Can we please pay attention to anything else in the world...this is the last paragraph in the article

The heavy security presence has created some complications for the families of hospice patients who are not involved in the Schiavo case. One woman told CNN that she was unable to be with her grandfather when he died because she was held up at security checkpoint after being told that he was about to expire. The commotion has also prompted an elementary school about a block from the hospice to close and send its students to other schools because of concerns about school buses having difficulty getting through the clogged street.

Its so important. We've prevented other people from being with their loved ones when they die...while in a HOSPICE. This is just pathetic.

Schiavo 'Is Failing,' Her Father Says (


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